The App lets you use running.COACH away from home. Plan or track your training, or keep a running journal. Everything you enter in the App is synchronized with your online training schedule.

step.COACH is a virtual walking competition. Participants measure the steps walked/run by using a pedometer and, at the end of the day, transfer them to the step.COACH program. Those steps take you along a virtual way.

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“Whatever needs you have, the training program running.COACH will take them seriously and it will efficiently and in a varied manner help you to achieve your personal goals in running. ”

– FIT for LIFE Magazin

“If you stick to the recommendations given by the digital training tools, you can reach your goals surprisingly efficiently and it will keep you motivated.”

– German Road Races Magazin

“On running.COACH you can have yourself put together an individual training schedule and you can train like European marathon champion Viktor Röthlin.”

– Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen